About Chilloutdoors

Read here to get more information about Chilloutdoors and the Chilloutdoors project.

About Chilloutdoors and the project

Chilloutdoors is a project made to build a company from scratch with the help of livestreaming community on Dlive.tv and others to design, develop and provide quality entry level products for the outdoors.
The products is ment to be entry level priced to give more people a chance to enjoy the outdoors in a comfortable way.

The income from products goes to development, productions of more products, and in addition support the Chilloutdoors stream team and other streamers.
The whole project and progress is livestreamed to show progress, challenges and how they are solved, mistakes, highs and lows to show the process of running a business and what it includes, both good and bad.

You can support the project by donations, buying products or merch, becoming a paying member on this website or helping out with expertise or sponsor agreements.

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