Cabin trips

Last week me and the family spent 4 days at the cabin we borrowed from our friends that has another Cabin, so they don’t use this one. Me, Madsen and our dogs went up yesterday and spent a night there to check it out more Since we have considered to long term rent it.

Today we came home and have now signed a contract to take it over. The cabin is around 2 hours away to drive, has electricity and great nature around it.

A cabin great to have for many reason, but this one we enjoyed and kids loved so we will spend much time up there forward. streaming up there will also be better as it has many great fishing waters, mountains and woods close by and the cabin can be used to charge up the gear.

the cabin has a small kitchen, no sink and water is outside, a electric toilet, two bedrooms with bunk beds and a small living room. very cosy and a place to relax and spend time away from hectic days and technology.

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