Cheap streaming car

I have so much streaming and camping gear that i Want to organize better to make sure mainly that streaming gear is charged and with me everywhere. So i decided to buy a used 2007 Peugeot Partner that i will build up on the inside to store some camping gear, fishing gear, diving gear and offcourse streaming equipment with chargers. This way I can just plug in one cable when car is parked and charge up all gear so it’s ready in a easy way every day. Also this makes it easier for me to swap gear depending on trip and weather conditions where i am.

So the car had gone 122000 Chillometer and

I paid around 4000 USD for it, sent it straight to service and replacing some parts just to have It under control from start. It’s not the best looking car, then again this is a car that will be damaged in the outdoors and then it’s good it’s a cheap car.

In the back i plan to build up shelves in the ceiling, bench with a top to fold out a bed with support on the sides and the removable table for last resort sleeping and storage under, dogcage For Ragnarok and more storage everywhere and then Mount up all gear after and lights. Adding a laptop inside also to my mobile office on the go also:)

This project will be streamed forward and the. a test run with the car and then improve it.

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