Day of Ooopsie Daisy

Had a good plan of doing a hike today up the mountain with Madsen and the dogs.

We first drive up but gates where closed because of icy roads, then we decides to try another mountain, was very slippery there also but we drove up.

When we was there we found out there is no signal so went back to the Car and drove down the mountain again. On the way down in very slow speed the car lost grip and we slided downwards and ended sideways on the small road and outside the road. No reception up there so closest help is to walk down 25 Chillometers, so dogged snow and ice away from the car, chooped down some branches and pinned under the car tires for better grip.

after a while of this we got the car loose but since road was so small we ended in same situation on the opposite side of the road.

Now we had two tires outside the road and no grip in a uphill, tried the same with bad results so took the showel and hiked from there to a place with some gravel, filled my beenie with gravel and hiked back, out it under the tires and 2 hours after our Ooopsie daisy we was loose again.

we ended up with having a great stream with bonfire, coffee and sausages.

Had a great day:)

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