Chilloutdoors Project

More information about the Chilloutdoors Project is written below to give you a better overview and understanding on what and the stream team is working on, and how you can help to support it.

Outdoor Products

Our focus is to design, develop and provide quality outdoor products to our customers.

Support Streamers

5% of the income each month goes out to support livestreamers that works hard and need the support.

Create a workplace

Creating a good, stabile workplace for the stream team members both with work and income

Learn more about business

Learn all aspects of running a business from start to finish (There is no finish)

Outdoor Products

Chilloutdoors and the stream team is focusing on designing, developing and providing products for outdoor use with high quality to a entry level pricing.
The products we are working on is showed on livestream and here on this website under "Support/Donations"
The first products we are releasing will be Tent, Wood Stove and accessories, IRL Streaming systems and more to come as we progress forward.

A longterm businessplan has been made and will be worked on together to reach the company's short and long term goals together with the stream team.

Support Streamers

As the Chilloutdoors company grows in sales and income, the support to other streamers also increase as we have set a 5% of the income is going to be donated into the streaming community to people we see work hard, have a goal that clearly will help them out towards their goal and have a positive attitude.

In addition donations will also be made to charity and others that need a short term help, these will be selected by the stream team together.

Create a workspace

The stream team members is selected not based on the streams they do, but the mindset, attitude and personal skills that come in good use when they all are combined with a set goal that we all work together in achieving.
Chilloutdoors company will in return for the hard work make a supportive and good workplace for the members with rewards based on the effort put into the goals.
Stream team members is treated like shareholders and will also get the possibility to receive shares when showing the correct mindset, work ethics and hard work.
The stream team members also get paid based on their own 
referral sales, company income and more.
Read more about stream team perks under the page "Stream Team"


Learn more about business

The stream team members has little background from running a business and this is a part of the project to put all together to learn from each other, from Chilloutdoors that has many years of experience of running business and does today also.
All decisions the company makes is put out in the open and voted for, some will be good and some will be bad decisions, but it will generate a learning curve for all.
How to solve problems and how to always do better is something that has to be worked on every day, new challenges will come and new solutions must be made together.

Support our project

If you want to support our project, go to  the page "Support/Donations" and find the best suitable support method for you, all the listed links support the project in some way and is highly appreciated by Chilloutdoors and the stream team.

Follow the progress

Below you can read more about the progress and what we are currently working on

Planning the Project


These months have been used by Chilloutdoors to plan the company plan, goals and products for future release.
These is the focus areas:
*Challenges and solutions
*Low cost buildup and budget
*Marketing plans
*Step by step goals for 10 yarn forward (This is worked on every month)



The website is made to create a place for all to follow the streamers of the stream team, information about the project, forums, blog, supporting opportunities and more.

Stream Team Members


This is the time to get the correct people with the correct mindset and skills to be combined into a stream team.
All of the stream team members has been talked to since mid 2019 to get to know them good off streams and is selected these days based on their own goals and that they fit into the Chilloutdoors projects goals for the future.

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